February 1, 2021

Living in the UK can be a dream come true for you. From the buildings to the people, the UK isn’t just welcoming, it is beautiful and full of attractions. Now, you may not be here in the UK for just sightseeing. Maybe you are here to work or study. Whatever your purpose, you should have a nice place to lay your head on in the evening.

So, let’s discuss your accommodation. Accommodation is one of the top things you should figure out fast if you want to enjoy your UK experience. Nice accommodation should keep you warm and safe off the street, but there are more than that to consider. And this article will help you answer your questions:

Purpose Of Your Visit

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your accommodation in the UK is the purpose of your stay. You see, you may be a tourist, expat, student, or a digital nomad. You could be several things – you could even be a dreamer! Your purpose in the UK would determine what you should look for in an accommodation.

If you are a student, your options may include the school hostels. You may consider flat-shares and room-shares. An expat may want to consider if there are affordable accommodation options made available by the company they choose to work with. A digital nomad may be fine with an Airbnb. And a dreamer? Well, a dreamer may not care that much!

Your purpose will play a huge role in the kind of accommodation options available to you and how you select what fits.


When selecting your accommodation, you need to know the adequate size you are looking for. Are you coming to the UK alone, or are you coming with your family? While you may be comfortable anywhere, a bigger family size would change how you look at accommodation.

Also, if you are moving in with a lot of stuff, from work equipment to gadgets, you may need the right accommodation to house them all.

Duration Of Your Stay

How long are you planning to stay in the UK? It is a simple question, really, but it can greatly influence what your accommodation option should look like. Renting a whole flat and paying all the fees attached to house rent may not be a good deal if all you want to do would take a week or two.

If you are staying for a much longer time, you may have to ditch the idea of sleeping in hotels and Airbnb and get an apartment for yourself. In the long run, this usually proves to be more cost-effective.

Proximity To Hub

When you are in the UK, is there a hub of activity where you would be spending most of your time? This maybe your office, school, gatherings, or just places you would have to frequent regularly. Before choosing your accommodation, you want to make sure it is close enough to the hub, to make it easier for you to access them without too much stress.

For example, having your hub of activities just across the street or a few blocks away may mean that you can just get out of your apartment and take a quick walk there. It is harder to whine and procrastinate when you can get to your destination quicker, compared to having to move across town and wait in traffic.

Plan your activities into your accommodation choice, and your stay in the UK should become more interesting and less stressful.


This is connected to your proximity, but slightly different. When choosing your accommodation, you should consider the transportation networks and options available to you. While some areas may have just taxis, there are others where buses, the subway, and other transportation options are easily available.

Also, some areas are busier than others. Are you comfortable being stuck in traffic? Or does your job not need you to move around much? You want to consider your mobility when choosing where your accommodation would be.


Guess what is as important as the apartment you choose – well, yes, the neighborhood it’s in. Neighborhoods usually have their spirit, culture, and activities. Ask yourself if you are cool with the neighborhood before choosing your accommodation.

If your personality doesn’t work well within a neighborhood, you may find yourself a lot in a foul mood. So, pick a neighborhood that works for you.


Of course, one of the most important factors is money. Choosing accommodation is the fun part. Paying for it isn’t always that much fun. So, ask yourself how much you can easily pay for your apartment each month. This will guide your accommodation preference.