5 things to do as a new expat in the UK

January 27, 2021

Explore. Yes, that’s pretty much what you need to do as an expat anyway. But in the UK, with a 14 % expat rate much less than the likes of the US, Canada, and Australia, you’ll probably find it hard to cope with your new destination if you don't learn to live, eat, work and learn to enjoy your life just as any local resident would. Everyone has his own reasons for the move, but when you arrive you always have to ensure that you have the right mentality, the eagerness to explore, and to love the journey with its own experience.

Here are 5 things you need to do as a new expat in the land of the Brits:

Interact with the locals.

Don’t just live there like a tourist and just visit the famous places. Get out of your house a lot, eat like a local would, explore your neighborhood, get familiar with slangy terms and get to know new people often. And the most important thing! Always look for new places to eat that won’t just reach you at home and eat where the locals eat. You’ll surely find the warmest vibes that will bring you back to the vibes of your home country. Simply, live like a local.

Figure out your-and your family's- finances!

By landing on overseas soil, and go with the expat life you need to make sure to get your finances, currency and banking figured out before you do anything with your money. You will probably have to resort to a fintech solution to help you with your remittance, money transfer, and payments easily while being able to track and keep a record of them all. You’ll also find the 50-30-20 rule interesting, spending 50% on needs and 30% on wants while allocating 20% to savings. But If you already have your finances sorted out, then you definitely don't need to rethink them as this will just be a circular thought that has no conclusion.

With a Fintech solution, like PassTo,  you could easily transfer money to your friends and family in no time, without having to stress about bank hassles like standing in queues and wasting a lot of time with just a single transfer. In addition, you'll get great exchange rates, no hidden fees, and a fixed transaction fee of £2.95.

Keep in touch with your loved ones at home.

It’s always crucial keeping in touch with your family and friends at home, they’ll always be your support system and they probably know you more than anyone else. Try and make time to connect with your loved ones at home, whether it’s by a call, a message or even a video. Always stay up to date with them and be sure to share your new experiences. And if you can, try inviting them over to your new country. Let them see your experiences, your favorite places and introduce them to your new friends. This will vastly help you settle in much faster than you expected.

One way to always stay connected to your friends and family back home is by using an international calling app. One of the best apps you can find for that is BlaBla connect. While getting a superb call quality with the lowest costs, you’ll also be able to send text, images, and video, send airtime top-ups, transfer credit, and loads of other features that will definitely make you stay connected with your loved ones.

Take care of your physique

So cliched, but taking care of your health is really important. Doing sports, taking jogs, riding a bike, or even just walking a lot can vastly improve your sleeping, concentration, and most importantly your mental health. And if you’re like 50% of the world who watch football, you’ll love all the Premier League match vibes in every stadium, bars, coffee shops, and even the fan zones there every weekend.

Wander beyond London

Surely London is one of the most popular places to move to with lots of opportunities, excitement, and lots of different communities and nationalities. But don’t you take your experience in London like it was anything like the rest of the UK, cause it’s not. Make sure to visit other cities, towns, and villages in England and explore the country from the inside out because if not you’re going to miss out on so much more.