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Moving abroad and trying to figure what to do next is not a wise move. With that awareness, you need to prepare ahead of time. In this article, I will be sharing with you a few things you have to do before you move abroad.
August 2, 2022 16:41

For many of us, getting an opportunity to move abroad is a dream come true. Moving abroad is particularly thrilling because of the boldness it takes and the potential opportunities on the other side. Whether you are thinking of moving abroad so that you may explore better job opportunities or you are going on a vacation, or maybe your motivation is your academic pursuit, it is still a journey into the unknown.

Moving abroad and trying to figure what to do next is not a wise move. With that awareness, you need to prepare ahead of time. In this article, I will be sharing with you a few things you have to do before you move abroad. These would save you the kind of stress I had to endure in the wake of my arrival.

Make A Packing Checklist

Moving abroad is not the same as visiting family members in the next town. It requires greater planning and deliberation. A lot of thought goes into packing for your move abroad. Another thing about packing is that it shows you important adjustments you have to make for your new location.


Depending on where you are moving, some clothes might not make the trip. Different weather conditions may compel you to make fashion changes. You may need to buy a few new clothes to match the weather of your destination.

You may want to give out clothes and other items you won’t be taking with you. Better still, you may raise some spare money by holding a garage sale.


You need to figure out the electronic gadgets you are packing on your move. Consider if your gadgets are optimized for your new home. For example, across different countries, electrical outlets and volt outputs may vary. If you are coming from a country with a different electrical outlet, then you may need adapters and converters for your devices.

Sometimes, you may find it easier to just invest in getting more suited gadgets for your new country than figuring out adapters and converters for your old gadgets. Make your decision ahead of time.


Long before the due date, make sure all your papers are in order. Don’t joke with documentation. Lots of people get frustrated as a result of not paying enough attention to their documentation and getting it right.

After you get your documentation in order, create a mini-checklist of all the papers and documents you may or may not need on your trip. Make sure you pack them all. Yes, this includes your family’s medical records and your school records. Your means of identification, driver’s licenses, social security number, and other documents.


You need to know your medical status before moving abroad. If you have a family doctor, contact them and schedule an appointment. They are more experienced and knowledgeable about your personal and family health history. If you are on any medication, discuss how you should continue in your new location, and if you need to transfer into another health institution. Bring your medication with you.

Figure Out Accommodation

Figure out where you are going to stay ahead of your move. People get stranded abroad because they failed to plan ahead due to overconfidence and the self-delusion that they would figure it out.

Do your research ahead of time and see if you can book accommodation. If you have friends, colleagues, or family members who are willing to host you in your first few months or years, contact them to be sure if the arrangement still holds.

Learn Language And Culture

Every community has its own unique culture. Add to the hurdle if they speak a different language from yours. Before moving, learn the culture and understand the people’s way of life. Learn what makes them smile and what triggers them. Knowledge here can be of great use to you.

If they speak a different language, hop on a language learning app and learn how to say “Hello!” at least. It is better if you can start a conversation and speak a few common phrases. It will help you a lot among the locals.

Cancel Memberships

One nightmare I had to deal with on my first trip is my phone plan. Make sure you don’t have your phone plan running before you travel. You don’t want to keep paying for a service you are not using. Make sure you cancel the service before you move.

Another membership many people keep running is their gym membership. It doesn’t work that way. Keeping the gym membership running won’t help you stay fit. So, cancel it and find a new gym in your new location.

Figure Out Money

You need money to fund a war. Moving abroad costs a lot. You will need money to settle down and keep your body moving. Make sure you figure out how to convert your money to local currencies. See if there is a means for you to use a service that allows you to access your money in various countries.

Luckily, this is our mission at PassTo. We help you move your money from your home country to your new location without any hassle. We operate under the highest level of security. Our service is so easy to use and our customer service always ready to assist you, all at a very low cost. When you start thinking about moving abroad, think PassTo.