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Let's take a look at tips that would help you more easily get a new job fast when moving into a foreign country.
August 2, 2022 16:49


Moving into a foreign country? You should figure out a new source of income there. Of course, if you are there as an expat, it is only natural to get a job, this is what expats do. However, if you are traveling for fun, on vacation, or for educational purposes, you may not have this in your plan.

Money is the fluid that keeps the engine of your stay abroad well-oiled. Without a serious job, you may easily get frustrated in the foreign country of your choice. In this article, let's take a look at important tips that would help you more easily get a new job fast when moving into a foreign country.

Choose Your Dream Location

It all starts here. You need to decide where you are going. To make your choice easier and better, do some research to see what living in this country is like. Some countries have better economies than others. Just because you see a few movies, do not just believe that. There are many sides to different stories.

See what expats are saying online. You may even read our list of the top countries for expats all over the world. Make your choice based on your research and your personal preference.

Start From Home

No matter what you do, make sure the search for your dream job in a foreign country starts at home. Getting to a foreign country before you start your search is not a good strategy. This is why some people find themselves stranded in a foreign country with no job and little money left.

Going into a foreign country with high hopes and no clear signal of what they are getting into before leaving home contributes a lot to such a mess. This can be prevented if you plan ahead of your move.

Get Permission

This doesn’t have to happen immediately, but you should speak to your boss about your intention. This is for 3 main reasons. The first reason is that informing your boss in time allows them to prepare for a takeover once your post is vacant.

Second, since you are informing the company in time, there won’t be any bad blood between you. This is important because you might need their reference later.

Third, you may just get a transfer opportunity to a branch in the foreign country of your choice, if the company you work for is big. If not, your boss might connect you with friends and business network who may help you out. This only works if you have a great track record in the company.

Farm Your Network

What if you have friends and family abroad? Talk to your close networks and see what you may get. Don't underestimate anyone. You may have a friend who knows someone that knows someone. Good things may come from the most unexpected places.

Besides, if you or any person in your network has lived, worked, or schooled in this country, they probably have some contact with some locals who may be of help. Remember, anyone can be of help here.

Use The Internet

Another great opportunity exists on social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook allow people to create local job posting groups. Join such local groups for the foreign country you are moving into and see if there are opportunities for you.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. Join LinkedIn and try to see if you can build a network. Search job postings to see what you can find online. Engage with professionals in that country, and state your intention. You may just get lucky.

Job boards like Indeed are also highly valuable here. Find any job board that posts job opportunities online. Expand your search to cover both international websites and local ones.

Take A Short Trip

If you can, definitely take a short trip to your preferred location. You can walk the streets yourself and decide if you want to stay there. Also, this is a good opportunity to visit companies and present your skills to them. Knocking on doors still works, do go prepared.

Make sure you have the right skills and also the ability to sell yourself well. If you need a few brush-ups, make sure you do that. Learn proper presentation skills while you are at it and present yourself with confidence.

With the right skills and high spirits, all added to your genuine preparedness and proper planning, you should get your dream job in your dream country in no time.