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in this article, we shall be looking at some of the most important places you need to know once you get to your new location. These are places you may have to visit occasionally or maybe even more regularly.
August 8, 2022 16:13

Moving into a foreign land can make you feel lost at first. However, what you really need is the right knowledge. One of the biggest reasons for feeling lost in a foreign country is that you can literally get stranded and lost when trying to locate someplace fast.

So, in this article, we shall be looking at some of the most important places you need to know once you get to your new location. These are places you may have to visit occasionally or maybe even more regularly.


When in a foreign country, it is important for you to know where your country's embassy is. The embassy is the representation of your home country right in the foreign land. From the embassy, a passport and other documents can be established and renewed.

According to international laws, whenever you are in your embassy, no matter the country, you are as good as being home in your own country. This is important during emergency and distress situations. Essentially, you are far safer when you know the right place to go in case of any danger.


Another important place to remember is where the nearest hospitals are. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. Knowing where to go on such occasions will help you prevent any fatal incident.

Beyond accidents, though, one may fall ill at any time. It is important that you know hospitals you can visit for quick treatment.


Moving into a foreign country might leave you out of apartments sometimes. This might be because you haven't found the right apartment for you or the right deal. In such cases, finding convenient and affordable hotel rooms can help reduce the stress.

Shopping Mall

Within your first week of getting to your new country, you should know where the shopping malls are. Great shopping malls expose you to a high variety of everyday household items. If you are a fashion lover, you may need to visit the shopping mall and find a boutique.

The good thing about shopping malls is the versatility. You can easily access a wide range of products and services. A big shopping mall can take care of your hair, skin, nails, belly, and more. Find the options around you quickly and you'll be able to kill many birds with one stone.

Local Market

While shopping malls are great and fancy, this usually comes at a price. This is where the local market comes in. If you don't mind making your home-cooked meals, you can get more affordable food items in the market and bring them home.

It is also a great chance to feel the city and get to know the locals. Do you understand the local language? You may just have a chance to flex those language muscles here. Maybe you'll even get some irresistible deals.


What if you are new to the country? Or what about if you aren't very great at cooking? This is where your knowledge of the nearby restaurants come in. Visit a nice restaurant and get to enjoy the local and international cuisines available. Who says you can't taste the experience?

Transport Hub

It's a good idea to understand the transport system of where you are going. It helps when there are specific terminals for each transport system. Understand if there is any schedule of movement. For example, when does the bus arrive? This will help you plan accordingly and be punctual to important appointments.


Cafés and lounges are great places to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Also, you can work from there. Many cafés come with internet connectivity. You should definitely take advantage of this. Also, you might run into other expats and create a solid network.

Co-Working Space

If you are looking for a small office space to work in your new location, consider a co-working space. Co-working spaces are usually more affordable than getting your own office. Also, you get to work with other people who are as passionate as you are.

A co-working space would increase your productivity. It will also help you network easily. Definitely take advantage of it.

Knowing your way around your new location can make it easier for you to blend in. With these 10 places, you should be able to map out more than enough activities to keep you engaged, productive, and fulfilled.