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How to Send Money from the UK to Mobile Wallets in Ghana

Sending money from the UK to Ghana has become very easy and convenient with the rise of mobile money services. Mobile wallets like MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash, Vodafone Cash and Zeepay have transformed financial services in Ghana, allowing for quick, secure and affordable money transfers directly to a mobile phone.
February 6, 2024 13:41

In this guide, you will learn the different options for sending money from the UK to a mobile wallet in Ghana and step-by-step instructions to complete the transfer.

Choosing a Mobile Money Service in Ghana

The first step is choosing which mobile money service to use for receiving the funds. The main options are:

MTN Mobile Money

Airtel Money & Tigo Cash

Vodafone Cash


Select a service that is convenient for you and the recipient. MTN and Zeepay allow cash pick-up from agents nationwide while Airtel , Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash require a mobile wallet account.

Sending Money from the UK to Ghana 

There are several options for sending money from the UK to Ghana. The main methods are:

Money Transfer Operators

Services like PassTo and WorldRemit allow online transfers directly to mobile wallets in Ghana.

Bank Transfers

Banks like Barclays and Santander offer international transfers to Ghana. 

Cash Pick Up

You can deposit cash at a money transfer outlet in the UK like Western Union. Recipient picks it up at an agent location in Ghana.

For fast, affordable transfers, digital remittance services like PassTo are the best option for sending money directly to mobile wallets in Ghana.

Step-by-Step Guide To Transfer Money To Ghana From UK

Follow these simple steps to complete your transfer:

By following these simple steps, you can securely send money and have it deposited directly into a mobile wallet in Ghana within minutes. The convenience, speed and lower cost make services like WorldRemit the best option for transfers to Ghana from the UK.

5 Tips for Hassle-Free Transfers

Here are some additional tips for a smooth and successful transfer:

  1. Compare services to find the best fees and exchange rates for your transfer amount.
  2. Time your transfer - avoid weekends and non-business days to reduce delays. 
  3. Check limits - some mobile wallets have limits on inward transfers.
  4. Notify recipient - inform them of the transfer details and amount beforehand.  
  5. Follow up - confirm with the recipient they've received the funds in their mobile wallet.

The Benefits of Sending Money from UK to Mobile Wallets in Ghana

Using mobile wallets for receiving money transfers has many benefits for Ghanaians:

As mobile money services continue expanding across Ghana, transferring funds directly to mobile wallets is becoming the preferred way for diaspora to support families back home. The convenience, security and ease make it an excellent choice over traditional methods.


Sending money from the UK to mobile wallets in Ghana is now faster, more convenient and lower cost than ever before thanks to innovative services like PassTo. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can securely transfer funds that your recipient can easily access in minutes from their mobile money account. 

Leveraging mobile wallets provides a safer, instant and affordable way to send support to loved ones compared to traditional remittance methods. As adoption of mobile money increases across Ghana, transferring funds directly to mobile wallets will only become easier and more widespread.