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In this article, we will be looking at both the benefits and the challenges of running cashless in a foreign land.
August 1, 2022 16:26

The dream of a totally cashless is drawing closer to reality every passing day. As more businesses now allow cashless transactions, you don't have to worry about moving around town with a wad of cash.

As sweet as this is, it would be a fantasy that we pretend there are no disadvantages to living cashless, especially when you find yourself in a foreign land. In this article, we will be looking at both the benefits and the challenges of running cashless in a foreign land.


Cashless Is Convenient

One of the biggest reasons why the cashless policy works are because of the convenience it brings. Remember how you sometimes find some great deal by accident, but since you aren't carrying enough cash, you had to walk by? Cashless prevents this.

Also, since making a premium purchase means you have to carry a lot of cash on you, making you look bulky, the cashless transaction allows you to go with nothing but your card or account info.

Cashless Is Safer From Robbery

Cashless has helped to greatly reduce robbery. Before cashless, everyone carries cash around all the time. Robbers could just confront people on the road and demand they drop all their money.

Now with cashless, cash is limited and robbers won't have a choice but to leave. In case your card is taken, you can report after getting away from the scene.

In case your account info is requested, you can change your password afterward. Even if they manage to get into your account, the transfers can be better traced when it's cashless.

Easier Tailings

Just like we mentioned in the conclusion of the last point, transfers can be better traced when it's cashless. This is because cashless transactions leave trails.

Ever wondered why drug pushers usually deal in cash? You would have seen it in movies. This is because it is harder to hide financial crimes through cashless. It's also almost impossible to do money laundering.

Fewer Worries About Currencies

When in a foreign land, you have to worry about exchange rates and changing your money from currency to the local currency when you want to go about your daily activities. If you are planning on sending money from your new location, you have to convert again.

With cashless, you can keep the value of your money stable and easily accessed, no matter what. For example, many cashless technologies are based on the dollar currency. This affords relative stability when doing business, even though you are not in the USA.


As awesome as running cashless in a foreign country is, there are some challenges you might experience using it. Here a few of these:

Subject To Technology Of The Location

If you are living in a civilized environment, going cashless should help you engage in the smoothest transactions possible. However, in less civilized areas where the locals haven't totally embraced the cashless policy, you may experience a few delays.

Temptation To Spend

Since cashless transactions make it easier to make purchases, your discipline may be further tested if you are on a budget. With paper currency, you may be restricted by the amount of money you have within reach. It’s cashless, everything is at your fingertip.

A spendthrift who can't practice frugality may overspend when using cashless. This is one such cases where the advantage may appear like a disadvantage.

Personal Data Breach

Using cashless transactions requires you to submit your personal information. Under an insecure platform, this may expose you to hackers who could farm your information to scam you.

Online Theft

When you run cashless on an insecure platform, you are susceptible to hackers. Hackers look for weaknesses to explore so that they can cart away your hard-earned money.

Even if the hacker didn't manage to steal everything, the account may get flagged, leaving you stranded if that is where all your money is.

This is why it is important to always do transactions only on secure platforms trusted across nations. With PassTo, you don't have to worry about security breaches. The robust framework of PassTo allows you to send and receive money with ease, without the risk of interference.

No wonder we are the delights of expats and travelers. We can't wait to delight you too.