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The Easiest Way to Send Money from the UK to Ghana by MTN Mobile Money

Sending money abroad doesn't have to be complicated. With the right tools, you can quickly and easily transfer funds from the UK to Ghana. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of using PassTo and MTN Mobile Money Wallet to send money from the UK to Ghana.
February 7, 2024 13:54

Sending money back home to Ghana from the UK can be frustrating and expensive using traditional wire transfers through your bank. Exchange rates, fees, and the time it takes to clear funds all add hassle and reduce the amount that actually reaches your recipient. 

Luckily, new fintech services have emerged to disrupt the old way of doing things. Apps like PassTo coupled with mobile money services like MTN Mobile Money deliver a fast, affordable, convenient way to send funds abroad.

In this guide, we'll show you how easy it is to send money from the UK to MTN Mobile Money wallets in Ghana using PassTo. By following a few simple steps, you can securely and quickly transfer funds that your recipient can access immediately. Avoid the headaches of wire transfers and put money directly in your loved one's pocket for a fraction of the cost.

How PassTo and MTN Mobile Money Work Together

PassTo is a money transfer app designed specifically for African corridors. It allows users to instantly send money abroad to mobile wallets and bank accounts. 

MTN Mobile Money is a popular mobile wallet service in Ghana provided by MTN, the largest mobile network operator in the country. With over 30 million subscribers, MTN offers an extensive network of agents where recipients can cash out funds.

By linking your PassTo account to a recipient's MTN Mobile Money wallet, you bridge the gap between the UK and Ghana. PassTo facilitates the international transfer, while MTN Mobile Money enables domestic collection so your recipient gets paid out quickly in local currency.

The integration between these two services combines the best of fintech innovation and an extensive mobile money agent network. This means you get the speed and affordability of PassTo together with MTN's unparalleled access to cash collection points across Ghana.

Step-by-Step Guide To Send Money From UK to Ghana 

Step 1: Download The PassTo Mobile App or Use The Web App

First, you'll need to download the PassTo app on your phone. PassTo is available for both iOS and Android devices. Or Use the web on your desktop browser. 

Mobile App: 

Web App:

Step 2: Sign Up for a PassTo Account

Once you have the mobile app or visit the web app on your computer, you'll need to create an account.
Mobile App:

Web App: 

The sign-up process just takes a couple of minutes. Once your account is set up, you'll be ready to verify your account, connect your recipient and make transfers.

Step 3: Verify Your PassTo Account

To verify your account with PassTo as a UK resident, follow these steps:

These steps are designed to confirm your identity and residency status for a secure account setup.


Step 4: Add your Recipient’s MTN Mobile Money Wallet

To send money to Ghana, you'll need to add the details of your recipient's MTN Mobile Money wallet in PassTo.

Once confirmed, you'll see your recipient listed in PassTo and you can begin sending transfers right away.

Step 5: Initiate a Transfer

When you're ready to send money, just follow these simple steps:

That's it! PassTo handles the international payment, while the money goes directly to your recipient's MTN Mobile Money wallet.

Step 6: Your Recipient Cashes Out

Once you initiate the transfer, your recipient will see the funds added to their MTN Mobile Money balance within minutes. 

To access the cash, they can visit any MTN agent location in Ghana. All they need to do is show their ID and give the agent their mobile money PIN to cash out.

And that's all there is to it! By using PassTo and MTN Mobile Money together, you've managed to send money from the UK to Ghana conveniently, securely, and affordably.

5 Reasons Why PassTo is Among the Best Options for Sending Money from UK to Ghana

  1. Competitive Exchange Rates: PassTo offers amazing exchange rates, ensuring that you get more Ghanaian cedi for your pounds than other money transfer services.
  2. Fast Transfers: With PassTo and MTN Mobile Money Wallet, your money reaches the wallet in Ghana instantly or within minutes of hitting the "send money" button.
  3. Easy Tracking: You can track the status of your transfers from within the PassTo app, making it easy to stay on top of your finances.
  4. Secure Platform: PassTo is a FCA regulated company, ensuring that your information and transactions are safe and secure. Additionally, PassTo uses bank-grade encryption to protect your data.
  5. World-Class Support: PassTo offers customer support through chat, email, and mobile, ensuring that you have access to assistance whenever you need it. Our support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to help you with any questions or issues you may have.


Sending money back to Ghana doesn't have to be a slow, expensive process using traditional providers. New services like PassTo streamline the international transfer, while integrated mobile money services like MTN handle payouts.

By following our step-by-step guide above, you can easily link your PassTo account in the UK to a recipient's mobile wallet in Ghana. Transfers only take minutes to arrive and your loved one can immediately cash out at thousands of agent locations across the country. 

So next time you need to send funds to Ghana, skip the bank wire transfer. Use PassTo and MTN Mobile Money to put money directly into your recipient's hands conveniently and affordably. The whole process takes just minutes and provides end-to-end tracking, so you have peace of mind.