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In this article we'll be discussing the top 10 expat-friendly countries in the world to look out for.
August 1, 2022 16:20


As an expat, one of the most important factors that determine how successful your expat career is going to be is your preferred country. Your choice will change your life. If you have a family, it will affect the education and the career of your spouse as well. The success or failure of your expat career greatly hangs on your choice.

You see, each country has its unique policies, cultures, and traditions. These do not include career opportunities, health care, transportation, and others. Everything in your chosen country would shape your reality. So, choosing wisely is paramount.

To help you choose, the Expat Insider held a survey in 2019. From this survey, we’ve drawn great insights. Now, here are the top 10 expat-friendly countries in the world to look out for:

Destination 1: Taiwan

Taiwan is a uniquely pleasant career-building environment for expats, because of the remarkable quality of life. According to the survey, Taiwan comes 3rd globally when it comes to the quality of life. Healthcare services are the most affordable in Taiwan. Even though it is affordable, the health service is top-notch. The career prospects in Taiwan is high, making it the ideal country to earn money and build solid personal finance.

Destination 2: Portugal

Worldwide, Portugal offers the most remarkable quality of life. It is a perfect country for expats who love a relaxed lifestyle, with all sorts of attractions and leisure options. So, if you are big on social life, Portugal might as well be your pick right off the bat.

Settling in Portugal is easy and the climate is very friendly. With the people being so friendly and the culture being so welcoming, Portugal will make you feel at home. The cost of living is not over the top. So, you get to enjoy the best quality of life in the world at an affordable rate.

Destination 3: Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those countries you might gloss over if you don’t do your due diligence, but that would be a mistake. Many expats opt for Vietnam, not just because of the career prospects, but also because it allows expats to get a good grasp of their personal finance.

Vietnam is an affordable country with the cost of living being very low. One thing you will fall in love with is how nice the people are and how simple their lifestyle is.

Destination 4: Mexico

The Mexicans are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. No wonder it is considered the easiest country for expats to settle in in the world. The social life of the Mexicans will help spice up your work life, and the cost of living is affordable.

Now, as friendly as Mexico is, it is not the safest country on earth. However, it keeps improving. If you have children and family, you can get a relatively affordable education and childcare at a top quality. Mexico will surely make you feel at home.

Destination 5: Spain

Since we mentioned Mexico, you may already Spain coming. Spain is another welcoming country with natives being so friendly and the country itself open to family and children.  Healthcare in Spain is very affordable. Just like healthcare, it costs very low to live in Spain.

Destination 6: Bahrain

Bahrain is another great country with career prospects for expats. In the 2017 and 2018 version of this survey, Bahrain was actually the highest ranking. Settling down in Bahrain is easy. You don’t have to learn the native language before making good friends who speak the English language fluently.

Destination 7: Singapore

Singapore is one of the dream countries in the world, and it is not a surprise that it is one of the top 10 expat-friendly countries in the world. The transportation network in Singapore is so well-connected. Speaking of connection, for expats who rely on the internet, the high-speed internet in Singapore will blow your mind.

Singapore is a very safe country for expats. Settling down is easy, and there are expats from all walks of life. The cost of living here may be high, but you get quality service all through your stay.

Destination 8: Malaysia

Malaysia is not too far from Singapore, yet it is more affordable. Here, you can better manage your personal finance while building your career. Settling in Malaysia is so easy, with vibrant social life and a sea of expats. This is a country you will enjoy.

Destination 9: Ecuador

When it comes to the happiness of expats, no country tops Ecuador. The simple life of the Ecuadorians is so fun and enjoyable. While career prospects might not be the highest, healthcare in Ecuador is very affordable and the cost of living is low. 

Destination 10: Czechia

For expats who choose to explore Czechia, they will find the career prospects and job satisfaction very appealing. Apart from being an ideal ground for building a thriving career, it is also perfect for families. There are so many fun leisure activities to keep your children happy.

Living in Czechia is very affordable. This means you get to save more money with which you can invest and even send home.

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