If you have any questions or inquiries just check out the most frequent questions asked by our customers so you can get a better insight about how PassTo works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or inquiries just check out the most frequent questions asked by our customers so you can get a better insight about how PassTo works.


How do I make payment for my PassTo transfer?

The method by which you fund your transfer is known as a payment method. PassTo allows the following types of payment:

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

These are all viable payment alternatives for your transaction. However, many international card issuers consider remittance payments to be cash advances, and you may incur additional fees.

Therefore, before you decide to use your international card to pay for your PassTo money transfer, verify with the financial institution that issued your card to determine if you will incur additional fees.

Which type of payment should I use for my PassTo money transfer?

In most cases, a bank account transfer is the most cost-effective option to pay for a money transfer. A few business days may pass before PassTo receives your funds. Using debit or credit cards is a viable option if speed is essential.

Which delivery option should I choose for my PassTo money transfer?

You have a variety of delivery options with PassTo's flexible delivery methods. Depending on your recipient's preferences, you may therefore choose the optimal solution. For instance, if your recipient does not have a bank account or does not wish to provide you with their banking information, you can use mobile wallet or cash pickup options.

The recipient can pick up the cash in person if they do not have access to electronic means of receiving payments, which is also an option if they live in a rural region. Getting their hands on the funds would be as simple as visiting a local cash pickup agent.

Can PassTo be utilised for international bank transfers?

PassTo allows you to simulate an international bank transfer by selecting a bank account as both the payment and delivery method on both ends of a transaction.

Simply choose to pay for your PassTo transfer with your bank account and to pay your recipient via direct deposit into their international bank account. You are essentially simulating an international bank-to-bank transfer, but with PassTo's more advantageous exchange rates and lower fees.

To send money abroad, banks typically charge high fees and offer poor exchange rates. In addition, bank transfers can take several days, but PassTo expedites your money transfers.

How to pay by instant bank transfer?

Tap on the deposit button in the app’s home screen, then tap on the “Instant bank transfer” option.

This will take you through the open banking process provided through our partner, TrueLayer. The app will take you through the steps needed to make the deposit without having to leave PassTo.

How does PassTo allow my beneficiary to be paid?

When sending money internationally, a payment method is the sender's payment instrument, whereas a delivery method is the recipient's equivalent. In other words, a delivery method is the means by which your recipient receives the remittance payments you send them. 

PassTo supports the following delivery options for international money transfers:

  • Deposits to bank accounts
  • Credits to mobile wallets
  • Cash pickup at agent locations

 Please be aware that the availability of certain delivery options may vary by country. If you use PassTo, you may find out what types of delivery solutions are available in your destination country.

What currencies are supported by PassTo?

PassTo currently supports GBP for customers sending money, while supporting 50+ currencies for the money to be received in.